Get this. Booster shots more often , no protection here mate!

KW: The British Minister of Health spells out the new regime more booster shots for the vaccinated. When will the madness stop?

The UK leading the charge with 3 monthly boosters!


That is FOUR boosters a year!


Hands up who fancies becoming a human pin cushion?!


Other stunning recommendations include:

A 4th dose for the immunocompromised.


A second dose for 12-15 year olds.

The extension of 3rd doses to basically everyone. Buckle up, NZ and brace for impact! Those 6 month expiry dates on your vaccine passes may just be sliced in two before long!

Want off the Crazy Bus?

Fancy getting in touch with others opting to create their own future away from this madness?


When will the sheeple realise?