Here Comes More Dark Money: Nomi Prins

KW:  Prins is a former FED insider who is now unleashed on the outside free to comment a she sees fit so her views are very pertinent to the topic of financial manipulation. FED president Jerome Powel is no guru but under intense pressure from Trump he has folded again and lowered interest rates to stimulate the ‘real economy’ that is showing the signs of flagging with mixed signals. What this does is simply continue to inflate the ‘Paper economy’ further with cheap money while the real economy gets a dose of staggers


As widely expected, the Fed lowered interest rates Wednesday, the third rate cut of the year. This comes at a time when the stock market is back to record highs and unemployment is at record lows. But don’t expect it to boost the economy. If artificially low interest rates were the key to growth, the economy would be booming right now.

The major effect of the rate cut will be to keep Wall Street’s game going with what I call dark money. That’s the cheap credit that central banks create that goes to the asset owning classes who own stocks, bonds, etc. think of it as welfare for Wall Street.

Here’s why Powell and his “spineless band of bankers” only helped to further inflate the bubble, and why the blame for the eventual crash will fall on them.

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