Two things bother me this morning.

  1. The Johnson & Johnson covid ‘vaccination’ jab has been approved for use in New Zealand. Media and vaccine commentators effusively blabber about how this is a great safe option, a second string to the bow as it were to get our population fully compliant and vaccinated. But they are lying. Just type into google and search your self. The J&J vaccine was banned for use in Belgium and the USA itself, (and I am pretty sure in Denmark too) becasue it caused blood clots and deaths. Why are these people lying to us? Very safe says Chris Hipkins on TV1 News last night “I would happily take the jab myself!” Well go on and do it Chris but I bet you won’t. The fact that they are so openly lying to us is great casue for concern about what the agenda is for New Zealanders
  2. The Americans are ‘withdrawing’ from Afghanistan. Withdrawing? Don’t you mean they have fought and lost the war of 20 years following the invasion after Rumsfeld wanted to lash out at someoen to cover up the 9/11 lie he and the Bush administration had created in New York. Now they have failed to beat the taliban they have repeated the same shameful escape and total capitualtion like they suffered in Vietanam. They turned the lights out, cut the power off and without telling any Afghani military flew themselves out, disappearing into the night. ‘Mission accomplished’ cried out Duncan Garner on TV3 news hub this morning. What a joke. No mission was accomplished the Americans just escaped with their snively noses bloodied once again by locals with some old .303 rifles and a few sticks. Now the Taliban are reported to be opening unopened ‘treasure trove ‘of ammunition boxes and weapons abandoned by the American military just as they did in Vietnam. Don’t get me wrong the taliban are going to put Afghanistan backward and it will be particularly hard if you are a woman let alone wanting to get and education if you are female but this is simpy another stunning defeat for the U.S. military. No glory or mission accomplished here