I hear ‘the markets are in freefall’ at the prospect of a Donald Trump victory. It is almost comical if it were not such a stinging indictment of our media, as I watch the news between 5 – 6pm and Trump has yet to get to his required number of votes, our media continues to create doubt and uncertainty about the possibility of a Trump victory. Scaremongering stories about how badly it will affect the world as you interview clueless financial and political spokesmen, it is a disgrace.

Shame on you all, the press the TV networks, the reporters like Jake Tame, Corin Dann, big noters like Mike Hosking, the newsreaders like Peter Williams and Hillary Barry and the reporters who have just repeated the lies out of America from AP or the Washington Post & New York Times, all owned by the elites, shame on you all you have miserably failed your journalistic profession! Not once have you presented a positive item about Donald Trump or researched what he has been saying that is getting him this far. You have constantly fed us scaremongering items about Trump, items of scorn yet on the other hand you have delivered only positive news about Clinton. Not one of you got off you butts to investigate and report Clintons crimes as Secretary of State, the crimes surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the ‘pay me to see me’ State Department actioned on her private email server out of view from the very government she was supposed to represent. To this point you are all still gob smacked at how wrong the polls are, how wrong you are, none of you did any investigation as to how this could be yet on alternative media they have been talking of biased over sampling for weeks now. Why didn’t any of you research and look at this?

Our media coverage of the U.S. election is nothing short of disgraceful, if not shameful for all of the media has simply fed a line that Clinton is good and Trump is bad, ignoring the fact her stated policy is to invade Syria leading to likely nuclear war with Russia condemning us all to die. Trump wants to get on with everyone, is for peace with Russia yet you ignored this. For over a year now we have been subject to this biased propaganda. How interesting it is to see you all in a state of shock because you got it so wrong reading the newswire instead of investigative researching yourselves. You are all standing around the Clinton headquarters dumbstruck and likely in the wrong place for the next President elect to speak. Perhaps we should all now cancel our newspapers plus ignore TV news because you have let us all down and shamed your profession for what it is, a non thinking sensationalist propaganda media, worthless to get to the facts or truth.

Even now you have no idea about why Trump is getting mass support – because you haven’t asked anyone until now but you still want to interview Clinton supporters to show her in a good light. The reason why Trump is where he is now is because millions of people have been disenfranchised by the corporate industrial/military complex and Wall Street banking system that has enriched the 1% at the expense of middle America and they are rejecting a continuation of that. Trump you say is anti free trade -and for New Zealand this is a real threat Corin Dann mouths out. Well Trump has rightly identified that treaties like the TPPA empower the multi- national corporates even more over governments and do nothing for America’s workers because American jobs disappear overseas just like it will do nothing for New Zealanders. He is not anti trade, just wants trade on a fairer footing where American enterprise and wealth remain in America. That’s what our government should be promoting.

You failed to report on Trumps rallies where thousands were being turned away hours before he spoke compared to paltry few that were turning up to Clinton speeches. Alternative media have been saying this for weeks now, not one of you even realised, how useless are you all? You also ran with the Clinton outrageous lies about Trump being Vladimir Putin’s agent and that Russia is hacking the election, all scaremongering from the Clinton campaign. Why didn’t any of you investigate this and just look into how ridiculous her claims were?

Should Trump become President I will be surprised as anyone because I figured that the election will be rigged by the establishment who have been funding and promoting Clinton to the point he won’t be allowed to win. The media has done its best to ensure that this will happen and yet the people en mass see it differently.

You the media are demonstrably completely out of touch of reality. You have let us all down

Malcolm Eves

November 9 2016: 6.13pm

The morning after 9.17am

Listening to mainstream media coming to grips with an election they got wrong, very interesting.They still don’t get it. They lied to all of us, published stories they made up and had no substance and failed to investigate in any way the Clinton campaign. They believed their own lies and bullsh.t, but worse they misled everyone. They still blame the market turmoil on Trump but market turmoil was coming anyway, irrespective of the election. It’s not Trumps fault that the markets were a bubble, he actually was ridiculed for pointing this out if you remember. Mainstream media is in disgrace and the  lesson to us all is Question Everything they say because they have owners who have their own objectives and mostly that is not what the people s objectives.

Make no mistake the globalist agenda they promote is still in play and as Paul Craig Roberts points out the oligachy is going to resist at every turning point his implementation of change to the point that they will create market turmoil and angst so that people switch from support  for him to resistance. The propaganda will continue unabated.

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3 thoughts on “Media has miserably failed us

  1. Well said Malcolm,

    This is just more corruption that goes on even over here in NZ. We deserve to receive honest reporting.

    I myself bypassed the local media and followed via the net where I found sites that were prepared to alert viewers to the real goings on behind the scenes. Many thanks to Wikileaks for exposing the truth and the likes of Infowars.com and many others for their reporting.


    1. Yes but it gets worse by the day. The NZ Herald has run a front pager that is a disgrace to us all. Cancel your subscriptions!Take a look at my next article

  2. Thank you for this article. The NZ media are a sick culture today of entitled individuals and as you say are completely out of touch with reality. Recently my wife was approached by a senior investigative journalist for NZME. This offensive woman conned sensitive personal information out of my wife and then after she sent the journalist what she had requested my wife was ghosted – that is the journalist, Olivia Carville, has not contacted nor replied to her since. This is outrageous behaviour toward ordinary citizens in New Zealand while the media ‘champion’ causes like suicide prevention, anti-violence and justice issues.

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