‘Mixed bag’: Kim Dotcom says he wants ‘take US to task’ on extradition request after court pays way for handover subject to review — RT USA News

KW: Not only is Julian Assange fighting for justice and hn actuality his life in a poisonous London Court but so too is Kim Dot Com battling to escape the cancerous tenticles of the American system here in New Zealand. However any ‘support’ for Kim Dot Com from our media exposing this battle is missing. You have to go to RT to get any news of this.


New Zealand’s top court has ruled that additional arguments are needed before entrepreneur Kim Dotcom may be extradited to the US, what the tech activist deemed a “mixed bag” decision, vowing to fight the American request.


Source: ‘Mixed bag’: Kim Dotcom says he wants ‘take US to task’ on extradition request after court pays way for handover subject to review — RT USA News

Today, just under 18 months after it heard the important Dotcom appeal, the Supreme Court hasnow delivered its reserved judgment.For the Dotcom team, and especially for Kim and his family, it is a mixed bag. There is no finaldetermination that he is to go to the United States. However, the Court has not accepted ourimportant copyright argument and in our view has made significant determinations that will havean immediate and chilling impact on the Internet.We will need to wait and see how the New Zealand and international Internet community reactsand responds to the judgment. It will be interesting to see how the challenges now faced by InternetService Providers are responded to. Can they live with it? Will it result in access restrictions andfurther costs that we will all incur as a result? Or will our Government be lobbied to intervene andprovide real and workable protections for them? With COVID-19 upon us, access to the Internet isnow essential to our business community, more so than it has ever been in the past.On the other side, the Court has accepted – correctly – that we should be able to argue that theserious procedural issues that have arisen in this case can and should be argued. This meansthere will be further argument in the Court of Appeal and/or the Supreme Court regarding thesesignificant concerns that are well established in the evidence. This is significant and means thatnothing further can happen until the further required hearings take place. Kim stays here, at home,with his family.We welcome the opportunity to take the United States to task on its prosecution and managementof this request for extradition. This has been a political case and the United States have sought tothwart Mr Dotcom running any meaningful factual defence to it.Mr Dotcom is grateful for the community support he continues to receive. And he remainscommitted to making the Internet available and at a fair cost to everybody. At this time, this mustsurely be essential for all of us. We all need a platform to connect with each other. The Internetprovides that and must be maintained for us all to benefit from.
Ron Mansfield
Dotcom Defence Team 4
November 2020
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