New Zealand to Abandon it’s Hard fought nuclear free stance?

How disgraceful it is that Prime Minister Key in ‘considering U.S. navy ship visits’. For New Zealand this is a deplorable betrayal of the years of stiff arming by the U.S. against New Zealand because our nation stood up for peace and was counted as being against the proliferation of nuclear weapons demonstrating that we have an independent voice in world affairs.

Discussing this issue Hawke’s Bay Today May 31 states that a new poll shows 75% of New Zealanders agree with Key. Lets see the poll, it’s news to me! Even if it was true it doesn’t mean New Zealand should abandon the policy. The article states the U.S. navy has boycotted NZ ports since 1986 and even after the ban of mutual navy exercises with the U.S. was lifted in 2010 the U.S. still blocked our navy from berthing at naval base yards in Pearl Harbour forcing our wee frigate to berth in a domestic wharf. How ridiculous! Call this country a friend, an ally?

The U.S. policy of hegemony over any country that displays independence from Washington neocon control, stops at nothing to force servitude over any nation. The abandonment of our nuclear free status immediately places our sovereign nation at risk in the incidence of a nuclear war and believe me when I say this is the madness that is driving Washington policy right now. John Key has no right to be pandering to Washington demands and expectations giving away New Zealand’s’ years of hard fought independent nuclear free policy.

Wake up readers to the fact that right now the U.S. is placing right along the borders of Russia, in Poland, Romania and the Latvian countries a massive military build up including thousands of U.S. personnel, tanks, armoured vehicles and missiles aimed at Russia. The madmen/women of Washington believe they can win a nuclear war with Russia! These insane people are agents of the U.S. military/industrial complex and this policy is to force Russia into submission to Washington control over its resources and is being repeated also with China in regard to the man made islands in the South China Sea. The United States treats any independence from its dominance as unacceptable and will not allow independent policy without punishing that country in some way, just as it has attempted to do with New Zealand’s nuclear free policy, a laughable response really to such a small country saying ‘no not here thanks’.

Servitude is delivered by way of economic sanctions to weaken a nations economy as it was with Iran over nuclear energy policy when there was no threat (New Zealand ‘had’ to abandon its burgeoning trade with Iran for years until sanctions were lifted) and again with Russia over the western media trumped up lie that Russia had invaded the Ukraine when all along it was Washington and the CIA that was funding and supporting the coup in Ukraine in February 2014. Or it is direct military intervention as in Afghanistan, chasing Osama bin Laden who from a cave managed to out smart the most sophisticated air defense system in the world on 9/11, or Iraq with the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lie, or Libya where Colonel Gadaffi dared to suggest that Arab nations should trade their oil in anything but U.S. dollars, or Syria where the U.S. seeks regime change as once parroted by John Key after one of his Obama golf games, or Yemen where its agents in Saudi Arabia are causing genocide against Shia Muslims or in Somalia.

No one in their right mind could believe the U.S. is battling around the world to spread ‘freedom and democracy’ because the freedom and democracy of the last Bush administration retained by Obama has resulted in millions dead or maimed, whole countries of Arab lands destroyed and refugee crisis that is changing the face of European life. The U.S. military/industrial complex and the politicians that pay homage to it deliver death all over the world wherever it is engaged. We should not be re-engaging with them now!

Key is a product of Wall Street, his millions were made trading in U.S. financial circles. While this is not a criticism he is well schooled, has been well paid to deliver New Zealand into servitude to Washington influence and policy. Little by little New Zealand succumbs to U.S. influences that prepare us only for war and death. Just take a look at your TV tonight, any night, to hear the news. It is virtually 100% feed from U.S. mainstream, propaganda fed right to your lounge every night, missing out the real things going on in the world and serving up lightweight trivia of no importance, accept to vilify Russia and cast a bad light upon China, worse for North Korea. The trash that is served up as programming ‘entertainment’ is all about conflict, murder and dominant military prowess as brave Americans save the downtrodden in foreign lands.

We are being slowly submersed into servitude once more regarding our nuclear free stance and as an aside to the nuclear warship issue this is happening with the TPPA, a treaty (called a ‘partnership’, the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) between nations that our local MP still calls a ‘trade agreement’. The word ‘trade’ doesn’t get a look in with the title! It is a treaty outlining the way American corporates can over ride the wishes of an electorate in tribunals outside the jurisdiction of sovereign nations  This is the economic part of hegemony, to completely dominate and control a foreign country but our western politicians are too blind or stupid to see this.

That is why any move to embrace more U.S. influence is something to be rejected, it can only lead to our nation becoming a target more than it is with the established surveillance posts being a target already.

Malcolm Eves


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