How to not win popularity contests: Mention Israel!

KW: In the recent days the Hawke’s Bay Today has had numerous letters to the editor about the Paster of a local Christian Church in Hastings taking 2 busloads of Christian followers down to Wellington to protest that New Zealand voted for the United Nations resolution on the Israeli-Palestine conflict that supported the two State solution. Numerous letters have been published offering points from both sides. After some period I decided to write myself and a slightly amended version of that letter was published on Thursday 5th January, the letter forwarded reproduced below.

First the letter to the Editor of Hawke’s Bay Today


The raging debate in your letters column between Israel cynics and ‘the pilgrim faithful’ is amusing but sad. The Christians are never going to be persuaded that Israel behaves as a rogue state responsible for the merciless slaughter of thousands of Palestinians under the leadership of the murderous thug Netanyahu and the previous other Israeli murderous Prime Ministers before him because they believe that the Jews are Gods chosen people (meaning they can do what they like and it must be Gods will), so whatever the crime, they look to excuse the appalling behaviour.

It’s impossible for Palestinians to negotiate, no one ‘negotiates’ with former terrorist and criminal Netanyahu, in a normal give and take manner, it’s only his way and he cares not one bit for global condemnation of his murderous assault on Palestinians as he has the American neocon Zionist Jews politically behind him and the hoodwinked U.S. taxpayer haplessly funding him to the tune of $billions per year calculated at about 11 $million per day. With a newly signed pact between Israel and Washington for $38billion over the next 10 years it’s not going to stop any time soon.

Anyone wanting to see the truth of the just how much Palestinian land has been stolen by the Israelis since 1946 should simply use their home PC and google ‘Palestine map-loss of land’ to see that Palestine has virtually been wiped from the face of the earth already, land confiscated, buildings bulldozed and any Palestinian commercial activity on a daily basis continually frustrated by the Israeli military such that Palestinians starve in what was once their homeland.

Once more the spineless United Nations, simply an arm of U.S. foreign policy, has for years proven gutless in stopping Israel committing atrocities against Palestine, the fact that the U.S. voted against the recent resolution a mere hiccup as Obama seeks to spite incoming President Donald Trump having a smooth transition by giving his political adversary Netanyahu the two fingers and also attempting sabotage of the likelihood of friendly relations between Trump and Putin. Obama’s sign off is all sour grapes and admission of failure of his Presidency. Only Jimmy Carter ever came close to sorting Israeli-Palestinian differences and he ended up despised by the neocon establishment that he described as the ruling oligarchy in America.

More importantly is understanding the bigger picture of war in the Middle East and the Zionist plan for greater Israel. Also known as the Yinnon Plan, according to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.” According to Rabbi Fischmann, “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.” This is being played out now with the destruction of Iraq and now Syria by the U.S. backing the Al-Qaeda rebels as they have now openly admitted. So the likelihood of any resolution of this issue is simply not going to happen, any Arab state left standing is going to come under attack either by Israel itself or by Israel’s lapdog the United States of America serving neocon zionist Jews in the U.S.

Malcolm Eves

Now the reaction: with pictures I might add. Someone has been doing some research and found a picture of me from way back and let forth a personalised tirade. Never thought of myself as anti Semitic ever, neo Nazi never, just attacking labels to deflay considered thinking.

Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist in New Zealand Media

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2 thoughts on “How to not win popularity contests: Mention Israel!

  1. Honest Reporting has gone some way to correcting the errors mentioned in your Hawke’s Bay Today article, but there is one glaring omission, relating to Jews being “God’s chosen people”, which is that of the role played by Islam.

    Islam goes much further than Judaism in presenting its place in the world. It states that every person is born a Muslim (tawhid) and that it is their parents who take them away from Islam’s absolute truth. This is why converts to Islam describe themselves as ‘reverts’.

    Since Muslims regard Islam as Earth’s default religion, anyone not a Muslim is an infidel. If infidels refuse to revert, or as other monotheists – Jew or Christians, take the role of ‘dhimmis’ and pay a humiliating tax, they are the equivalent of apostates. The punishment for apostasy is death. Islam’s choice is convert, pay the dhimmi tax, or be executed. This is original, mainstream and current doctrine for both Sunni and Shia schools of jurisprudence.

    Furthermore, Islam explicitly imposes on its adherents the obligation to bring infidels into submission to the will of Allah, and encourages Muslims to do this be means of the aforementioned violence (jihad), by migration and fecundity (hijrah) and by proselytising (dawah).

    This message is getting through to the entire world, as Islam imposes itself slowly and steadily into its supremacist position in the West. Anyone watching Islam’s growth, presumption, and condemnation of any criticism, has to have a better explanation than Islam being just another religion like Christianity.

    You may may well hate Jews and the existence of Israel, but neither pose any threat whatsoever to global stability. Islam, however, not only seeks to eliminate Israel, but also wants to retrieve Jewish land it conquered because it believes that land once conquered for Islam is gifted to Allah for eternity (waqf). Why should this religious belief, held by people who are not native to the area, trump Israel’s much longer one for people who were indigenous? The issue of Palestinians will never be resolved because they don’t want it thus, and it has nothing to do with anything Israel does or doesn’t do. It has everything to do with dividing opinion in the West, and this it does extremely effectively with the help of people who promote its toxic line.

    The threat Islam presents to the world is primarily due to its supersessionist nature, taking control of national identity and governance in the name of Allah. Other major causes of the threat it poses is its inability to reconcile modernity with it essentialist 7th century nature, and to its internal sectarian strife.

    But it goes bigger and deeper than the inherent chaos of an ideology that thinks that since it’s the perfect system for running a society it has no faults, and that any failings are due to the malignancy of outsiders, principally its main enemy, the Jews.

    Islam imbues its followers with the concept of the ‘ummah’, the brotherhood of Muslims. This represents a hugely powerful global sense of identity and purpose.

    Its purpose is to being the world into submission to the will of Allah. With the necessary help of you and you ilk it is succeeding.

    The result will bring Western civilisation – by all standards the greatest the world has seen – into the chaos, barbarity, corruption and tyranny that has riven the Muslim world of today. Islam’s moral system shares nothing with the evolved nature of the Judeo-Christian Greco-Roman civilisation of the West. It will replace it.

    Jews won’t do that.

    1. Chris
      Thank you for your comments but I was not trying to compare Christianity, Judaism, Islam or any other religions in my comments. I don’t agree with you that Islamists are the reasons for all the worlds problems as main stream media are at length trying to state, ad-nausium. So many incidents around the world blamed on Islamic terrorists are false flag operations according to the many well researched sites and commentators that I view but if your real ambition is to control or destabilize a region you keep pumping the narrative as hard as you can and when someone finds out what you are printing or saying is a lie you double down and go even harder. I have just posted a good article by Paul Craig Roberts as to just how false news is created in regard to Trump and this appears to be relevant to any story about Israel too.
      The 2 State Solution New Zealand voted for at the U.N. is good for both Israelis and Palestinians. I also stand by all my comments and disagree anything said needs correcting, the back lash of letters in Hawke’s Bay Today being typical: a fundamentalist Christian backing up and reaserting my non critical comments about Christians beleiving the Jews are Gods People with extensive quotes from the Bible as to why this is so and then a tirade of personalised abuse from overseas senders who were no doubt sent the link by a local troll whose task is to alert pro Israeli activists all over the gloabe to anyone challenging what the state of Israel does. Regrettably for one of them I have been to Israel (worked on a Moschave for 3 weeks) and I have also been to Auschwitz to see for myself the horror of genocide against the Jews.

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