NYC’s Unvaccinated Teachers Need to Waive Right to Sue for 1 Year of Health Benefits

Source: NYC’s Unvaccinated Teachers Need to Waive Right to Sue for 1 Year of Health Benefits

KW: The rapid division of societies is well under way divided into vaccinated and non vaccinated with the non vaccinated being stomped on by their own governments all over the world.

Covid is highly politicised and governments have placed themselves as the only knowledgeabe entities in the deliverance of mandated vaccinations in the fight against Covid19, now morphed into Delta a new strain of virus. Some highly regarded experts are now saying this is a new virus that needs separate and different vaccines to counter, not the existing vaccine. I have found it unblievable talmost shocking hat people I speak too are almost joyous that the NZ governement has mandated healthcareworkers and teachers be vaccinated by the end of the year or lose their jobs, especially at a time when there is a major shortage of trained healthcare workers and teachers here in New Zealand in the first place. This is not a well thought ot policy but some of my friends have embraced the mandates with “yeah no jab no job, youre down the road”. Almiost ‘serves you right’ mentality against people who have done no wrong, almost all are hard working, skilled and law abiding but who rightly so maintain reservations about having an unproven and untested (for long term safety) substance of chemicals injected into their body.

Strikingly this is a repeat of what happened in the 1930’s as sensible peopl,e namely the Germans, allowed themselves to cooerced during the rise of tyranny to impact upon their nation ultimately leading to 26 million deaths in the Second World War, many of them Germans. They allowed both Hitler and Goebells to manipulate their psyche to enable the Nazi rise to power and then the division of their society with Jews being labeled as second class citizens first with yellow badges on the jacket lapel so they are recognised as inferior on to be blamed for all Germanies problems and then on to mass destruction. Can’t you see this division is happening right now in front of our very eyes

So we have all sliden to a point where individual human rights are crushed by tyranical govenmernts, bent on eliminating the virus that not all of us are going to get while mandating , in NZ’s case, just one solution with no alternatives allowed or even considered. The maner in which the government is missing the point completely with mass vaccinations not curtailing the spread of Delta makes you think who is calling the shots? The Premier of New South Wales has been forced to resign because she is involved in a bribing scandal that it is claimed by opposition politicains, namely Clive Palmer, tens of millions of dollars in bribes paid by pfizer and astro zeneca to deliver their expectations of high vaccination rates amidst the rapid failure of the vaccines to stem the tide of infections. The question I want answered just how much has changed hands here in New Zealand? Slime ball politicians are everywhere after all.

Meanwhile governments around the world are forcing this stuff onto all of us and the pharmaceutical companies have recieved in exchange exesmptions form prosecution by injured recipients- thats cool is it not?

This morning I spoke to two people who had had the second jab yesterday. Both report pain and headache and feeling unwell. Got to be good for you?

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