Requiem 2020 Audit:

I can’t help thinking that the world is a much more dangerous place to live in than it was at the start of 2020. It is however the only place that humans can exist not just right now but almost certainly any time in the future too.

What has happened since the outbreak of Corona Virus, Covid -19 to be precise is that the elements of the world that want to dominate have taken the step forward and shown their cards or some of them at least. I’m talking of not just the political sections of society but the commercial ones as well, not forgetting that there are some who think they are elite because they have accumulated vast wealth and not satisfied with that simply want control over the human species now. The American elite no longer believe in democracy. Consider, for example, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.  It is anti-democratic, as is globalism. Democracy is in the way of elite agendas. Individuals as well as Corporations are involved so too are political interests.

Ever since the U.S. Presidential elections came to a shameful, not so surprising non convincing outcome I have particularly developed a sense that we are in for a troubled time ahead. Not so much that the President ‘elect’ is already suffering from dementia which was well known and detailed, also that he is demonstrably shown as dealing in bribes and criminal activity with ‘enemy’ countries of the U.S. (China & Ukraine via mostly his sons despicable business dealings in these countries) and is in no shape to be leader of the most warring, belligerent, if not powerful nation on earth leading me to question the mentality of the ‘average American citizen’ (if one exists, how can they be so stupid?) but also ask myself how safe is anyone in the world due to this complicity. Clearly Americans have been sold a story that Joe Biden is going to be a better leader than incumbent President Trump. The raging left demand extreme change. Unfortunately Trump has done himself no good with his outrageous if not moronic statements from time to time, but to his credit he started no new wars, something no American cares about but we who live in the rest of the world are thankful for. That said, Trump boasted that he was the person who authorized the drone assassination of the revered Iranian Major General Qasem Soliemani and undoubtedly Trump would have known about the very recent Israeli assassination of the Elite Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Like all Previous American Presidents he has blood on his hands too.

The media drove this election from beginning to end continually denigrating Trump whilst not investigating Biden or revealing his shortcomings and only showing him in a good light despite his verbal nonsensical jingoistics, they controlled the outcome and still continue to in the last days of Trumps Presidency showing him in only a bad light demonstrating the underlying influence and power of the Clinton mob within the Democrats. Trump’s Presidency was fraught with problems from the day he was inaugurated facing lie after lie, particularly about Russia and Vladimir Putin, started by Clinton herself with the completely phoney anti Russian involvement story in getting him elected. These were lies the media extrapolated fed by the Democrats to this day.

Trump had campaigned on reducing tensions with Russia, even finding ways to increase cooperation. Yet he has only been the point of ridicule in a hostile media that he went to war against and lost. As  president John F. Kennedy learned with his life, reducing tensions with Russia threatens the budget and power of the military/security complex that President Eisenhower warned Americans against.  This complex has more power than the president of the United States. As no one would any longer believe another “lone assassin” explanation, Trump is being assassinated with false accusations and a colour revolution.  For a while Trump used Twitter to refute the false accusations, but now the President of the United States is censored by Twitter

He definitely has a solid argument about election fraud that is ongoing but do you think he has any media support for his challenge? Not in a thousand years. So here we have the most dominant country in the world tearing at its own throat before us all, meaning politically, it has shown that its talked about ‘democracy’ is a sham of lobbyists and money influence.

Money is what dominates American society. Part of the foreboding everyone feels now is that ‘the markets’ are just not right, they are somehow manipulated. Not somehow. No where do markets reflect the age old method of setting the price for stocks and property based on factual information available, the price of an asset reflecting buyer/seller thinking rationally about this. Indeed nearly all markets appear as simply a casino that has been bribed into thinking manipulators know what is best, based on a continual supply of printed dollars seeking a home to hide away. During Trumps time at the helm ‘the market’ has become like a heroin addict addicted to the printing of more money to keep up the façade of ‘every thing is fine’ going. Idiots, it seems, are employed as the governors of central banks globally and who serve the global elites agenda, not that of the people, leading to the calamitous situation of exploding house prices driven by near zero interest rates whilst politicians the world over express alarm and wonder what will happen next; how do they put some control on the march upwards and beyond our young people seeking their first home as they start their families. Using covid-19 as the excuse here in New Zealand the reserve bank governor is even threatening to take interest rates negative as if the economy is on its last legs which it is not- idiocy! The only way to cool the house market is to put interest rates up to the point where people realise that money is not free and has risk attached to its use, a price to pay on it. Stealing the very last lolly from the jar and destroying the savings of frugal people who have saved to help their retirement income is reality. What they have done and the only way to stop the market from haemorrhaging whether shares or property is to give the monster more heroine and create more currency.

Predictions of a collapsing U.S. dollar are so far off the mark even if it is presently showing some weakening across other currencies, but it could well be the next big thing to impact markets so heavily flooded with newly printed money and manipulation that it could take several more trillions of $’s to keep the goon show going. Central Bank management is so deeply entrenched in this lie on behalf of the elites there is no other way out for them but to keep printing more and more currency to paste over the economic gaps they have failed to correct. We pay these people massive salaries for the mess they have created.

Alarmingly, although you don’t read about it in mainstream media, the world is facing a siege instigated by big pharmaceutical companies riding the wave of anxiety about Covid-19. The drive to convince politicians and doctors that the only solution to what is a real crisis is the manufacture and sale of a new vaccine to prevent the spread of the virus, thereby generating billions for the Big Pharma companies. This is going on while at the same time existing readily available medications are being sidelined and not promoted or even revealed. Indeed a Belgian virologist has even written to his government via a public letter stating categorically that the much maligned Trump promoted drug Hydroxychloroquine as well as the well understood drug Ivermectin along with anecdotal evidence are both obviously cheap and effective as well as easily obtainable cures for the covid-19 infection.

It would seem that the media is in cahoots with big pharma to continually scare the mass population as well as misinform them about the benefits and hope for new untested vaccines as the only way forward aided by the likes of those who would weald control over society such as Bill Gates whose massive control and influence in the vaccines sector is well documented and who already has been viewed as promoting certain vaccines to control the human brain as regard religious thought is concerned.

The Gates Foundation just so happened to be central to and major funder of Event 201 ( a 3.5 hour pandemic simulation exercise by major global health leaders in October 2019 just before the outbreak of the latest corona virus covid19 infection. Interesting timing at least so what did they know was going to happen? Straight away the media swung into action printing articles to deny that Gates was anything but benevolent. The machinery protects its own. But the fact remains that so called experts the world over went through a programmed response to a new epidemic that looked and sounded like exactly what we have and continued to experience today. Was it planned?

Forcing everyone to be vaccinated when we already know it is only certain sections of society that need assistance is a massive step forward for the global elite to seize control when really it is the sick and infirm elderly that should be the targets for treatment and protection but that is not what is happening. Indeed there are plenty of commentary by researchers all over the world that claim that covid19 deaths are no larger or different to normal deaths. Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins University, critically analyzed the effect of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in her webinar titled “COVID-19 Deaths: A Look at U.S. Data.” These data analyses suggest that in contrast to most people’s assumptions, the number of deaths by COVID-19 is not alarming. In fact, it has relatively no effect on deaths in the United States.

 The same about face masks obediently worn by millions the world over for every politician that promotes the effectiveness of face masks to control the spread there is a scientist or medical person telling us they are ineffective if not totally useless for that purpose, but not examined by the media in any degree.

Meanwhile the lives and businesses of millions the world over is threatened by government imposed lockdowns or restrictions while politicians work out how more and more draconian the lockdowns they put in place can become. More than that is the necessary rise of armed intrusions and control of the streets by police as people the world over reject the madness of governments. In France, Germany, the U.S., Britain, Australia and Italy to name a few street wars have broken out as ordinary people fight to preserve their freedoms taken away by governments. Reports indicate that in Melbourne alone more than $20 million in fines were issued by policefor lockdown breaches by residents. As 2020 slips away this is what the new world order wants: Chaos. The more chaos they can engineer the more control they take over important things such as our ability to travel the world, use cash to pay for and buy things, visit family in other towns or states, party and have a good time, celebrate life. Covid has done all this in just 1 year.

Tied to this is the rise of racial tensions the world over. The black lives matter movement has its parallels evrywherer, even here is NZ. The madness and destruction of symbols of colonisation particularly in the U.S. where statues are being torn down and history no longer remembered but destroyed with a new interpretation equally as sinister as the original suppression has only begun. It does not auger well as blacks the world over were treated very badly by white settlers everywhere. It is not going to go away and it fortells difficult times ahead for racial cooperation.

What could be the good news amongst the troubles I see? For Kiwi’s New Zealand became more attractive than for a very long time. Amidst the lack of control and decency that plagues the world Aotearoa became the place to be with ex-pat Kiwis returning we are told in there droves, not for a holiday back home but for good, placing huge demand on already limited housing stock. All these kiwis are adding to the local economy bring home skills they have learned overseas and adding to the fabric of an even richer society. Of course the Labour government was returned with a massive endorsement gaining the first party majority in an MMP parliament with Jacinda Adern endorsed as Prime Minister leading from the front in what is likely to become a quite revolutionary and transformative next 3 years. Stability never looked so good.

They can always muck it up but I am happy to let 2020 slip by as a bad one to let go.

Malcolm Eves

1 December 2020