The Disintegration of Western Society

KW: French police remove their helmets and stand with yellow vest demonstrators. Let this video below run onto the next one to see Paris being ransacked as the populist revolt against austerity imposed by the imprisoned thinking leadership continues to sweep Europe. People are sick of the elites in societies the world over, all of whom have grown enormously wealthy at the expense of the ordinary people telling citizens how to live on less and less real wealth and taking away their standard of living. The GFC (that still continues as the underlying causes have not been addressed) has seen the winners become incredibly greedy. The bankers have paid themselves over and over in cohoots with those in the military/industrial complexs of the world and who have destroyed whole countries the world over including those of  their own friends (Greece has been looted by the elites, is an example with Italy and now France teetering on the brink). The jewel of Africa, Lybia; formerly orderly societies as in Iraq and Syria lie in ruins with millions killed and millions more displaced; nuclear holocoust threatens the world as neocon idiots get appinted as leaders. Ordinary people the world over realise that all is not right with the world. Perhaps the French are going to lead a revolution that will see change sweep the world but expect violent kick backs from the controllers.

Paul Craig Roberts on the subject writes ‘In the United States today, and throughout “Western Brainwashed Civilization,” only a handful of people exist who are capable of differentiating the real from the created reality in which all explanations are controlled and kept as far away from the truth as possible. Everything that every Western government and “news” organization says is a lie to control the explanations that we are fed in order to keep us locked in The Matrix.

The ability to control people’s understandings is so extraordinary that, despite massive evidence to the contrary, Americans believe that Oswald, acting alone, was the best shot in human history and using magic bullets killed President John F. Kenndy; that a handful of Saudi Arabians who demonstratively could not fly airplanes outwitted the American national security state and brought down 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers and part of the Pentagon; that Saddam Hussein had and was going to use on the US “weapons of mass destruction;” that Assad “used chemical weapons” against “his own people;” that Libya’s Gaddifi gave his soldiers Viagra so they could better rape Libyan women; that Russia “invaded Ukraine;” that Trump and Putin stole the presidential election from Hillary.

When it’s put like that you can easily see why in France they are taking to the streets as only the French can do. Viva Le France!

Video: French Police Remove Helmets in Solidarity With 'Yellow Vest' Protesters

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