The Totalitarian State of New Zealand is here. Customs worker fuming after losing her job over vaccine policy – NZ Herald

Customs worker fired for refusing vaccine says her job never required regular testing.

Source: Covid 19 coronavirus: Customs worker fuming after losing her job over vaccine policy – NZ Herald

KW: I was shocked with the actions of the government enforcing their policy over getting vaccinated. I was even more shocked with the reactions of my friends when I announced that this was the introduction of the totalitarian state that will next be dominating all thought and belief and eroding more ‘freedoms’ of New Zealanders living in NZ. Together with the Australian PM Scott Morrison outling massive bank rupting fines as well as baring Australians from returning home from India this seemed to me to be a massive attack on and against the freedoms our ANZAC soldiers, thousands of whom died fighting overseas to protect these freedoms we enjoy today from the chains of Facsism and Nazism from dictatorial governments. The big picture is that this is now evident and where it leads us to I have no idea but the dictatorial and dominant display by our government is the thin edge of the wedge dividing us into the catagories of as George Bush stated after 9/11 ‘you’re either with us or you are against us’ as an enemy on the government. The vaccine program is the start of this division in my opinion. Unconfronted it is us becoming pawns to the goverment rather than government beeing the servant of the people.

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