To Vaccinate OR Not Vaccinate

KW: The covid19 pandemic has put everyone the world over into an environment that no one predicted would happen at the dawn of 2020. Now we are all going to be subjected to government impositions, to either be vaccinated or to reject the vaccination process amidst what will be social isolation and rejection. What is definite is the imposition by regulation to be vaccinated against covid19 with the main protagonist in this whole drama being people like Bill Gates who is standing to make masiive profits from intimidating governments into accepting the idea that vaccination is the only way ahead to enable citizens to live freely once again.  The current, much discussed, Covid vaccination is just the start of a planned series of DNA-modifying RNA vaccines that will be inflicted upon every person on earth. “ This has nothing to do with public health. Those of you who have a religious bent should recognise the situation we are in as one which has long been predicted. If this is you, I suggest “we are here now” what is it that you plan to do?” Our government has put aside $100’s of millions to vaccinate all of us. Are you going to obey? The David Knight Show presents leaked information that the vaccines promoted by Bill Gates are anti-fertility drugs designed to prevent procreation, not disease. It is easy to dismiss such a claim as a conspiracy theory.  On the other hand Gates has been known for years to favor world population reduction.  He has the money and connections to make that happen.  Clearly, the vaccines should be tested to discover if they contain the chemicals described in the report.  

Robert F Kennedy Jnr speaks about the pharmacuetical industry and that vaccines are not tested for safety. He is almost a lone voice against the pressure flood of ‘information’ much of which is false. He has a speech impediment but is easy to understand. The Centre of Disease Control (CDC) is at the centre of criminality when it is supposed to be the safety regulator. We are looking at the biggest battle humanity has ever faced, the NAZI’s were not as bad as this.


To gain an insight on what Bill Gates is up to look at this:

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