New National Party leader Todd Muller has already turned the media into a hostile place for Jacinda Adern and the Labour Party despite the last poll putting Adern as the most respected Prime Minister EVER, yes Including John Key who was the media poster boy held in such dribbling awe by the likes of John Campbell (TV1) and Mike Hosking (TV3 and radio). The National Party has a belief in their God given right to govern because ‘they are the best for business to get ahead’ no matter what the prevailing economic situation. We are in uncharted territory with the economy that is accepted by everyone and this government has taken a bet that by going hard with the early lockdown that we would hopefully come out the other side faster than other countries and so far that appears to be on course for a successful policy. We can debate about the fringes of the policy as we do come out the otherside and so far you would have to give the government stance a tick although you don’t give that tick away just now, the damage to the economy is simply massive and as yet unknown in its dimension.

So the situation we’re in is not due to government incompetence, it was a tacticle decision that may just work out so far preventing widespread death in our community unlike Trump’s ‘great America’ or the lucky to be saved ‘bumbling Boris’s’ U.K..Time will tell if the decision for lockdown was correct or not. But this new guy Muller already sets off alarm bells in me. He clearly is a Trump worshiper even wearing on our national media a New York Yankees cap (like Trump) and in his house and office displayingTrump paraphinalia including several Make America Great Again caps and other bullshit that misguided Trump fans love so much. This unashamed lap dog for Trump is not in the U.S.A. where he said he wanted to be President, he is in New Zealand hoping too become Prime Minister. Already he wants to open up our borders to Australia and China that threatens our virus security after the harsh lock down period. Such a disciple of Donald Trump sets off alarm bells as his philosophy is focussed on making money first and foremost not on being sensible about the current epidemic situation that has proved for many, fatal.

The attitude of Trump and his followers is that there is no problem. Covid-19 is not a threat, anyway we have the best Doctors and best hospital in the world if we do get it (unproven by reality, as the ‘for profit U.S. health system’ has systematically failed to deliver on a gross scale), we will not be told to distance and protect ourselves with masks and we will go to the beach or the bar when we want to with who we want to in as many numbers as we awant to, ‘we were born in a free country’ yaka, as displayed this past week end in the U.S. This is the attitude of Trump admirers and Muller has classified himself as one. What will be the consequences of him as Prime Minister?

My experience of National Party friends (and I have many) is that they want the economy to open up up straight away, the economy is the only thing worth talking about, but for governments it also needs to be about keeping the public safe, an equal priority. We can argue the point of over reacting and becoming a controlled society with an intrusive big brother in our faces, a lot of which I agree about and warn against on this blog, the blogs purpose. Governments have to also set rules for some of the weaker sections of our society as well as the winners and I wonder what sort of country New Zealand would have been under a Muller led government. Would it be open for trade and commerce while the virus takes hold? You ask yourself.

Adern was badly let down by her Minister of Health and she must reshuffle her cabinet to reflect this and fire him now we are through the toughest period of lockdown. If she doesn’t she will pay a price of being called indecisive and lacking the necessary skills in her replacement ranks so this will be interesting. However just like the media here has been merciless in reproducing as fact Trumps supposed Russian liasons that have now been proven as totally unfounded, indeed wholely made up by the lies of the  Democrats so as to jeopardise his adminsitration I sense that they will turn on Adern if she shows any weakness about Cabinet discipline. The media tells us what they are told to say and what some other entity that controls global news want you to beleive and Muller sounds like he fits their process just nicely. Making money is what the National Party beleives it should all be about. Muller sounds like he could be an even closer ally to the U.S. than Adern is so he will get all the positives for sure.

Just like the falacy surrounding Trumps presidency (Rissiagate), it is a falacy to beleive that National would be a more honest and better government than Aderns administration or any other. This perhaps is what the election will be about. Going on past performance the National party gave away unbeleiveable chunks of New Zealand business to the Chinese for the price of donations money to the party. In his book ‘In the Jaws of the Dragon’ (recommended read) author Ron Asher describes the unbeleivebale betrayal of New Zealand by the John Key/Bill English government in assisting the Chinese to take over the Crafar Farms in prime New Zealand dairy country and Silver Fern Farms our major meat exporter, amongst many other betrayls. National Party supporteers tend to not acknowledge this treachery becasue the media like Mike Hosking and his sorts were in love with Key as Prime Minister. We don’t need a businessman on a short stint to repeat the damage again to add to our losses to the Chinese long term. The last thing we need is a fan of Trump, indeed admirer, running the show.