If New Zealand continues down the present path set out by Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand will increasingly become an apartheid nation, where race determines our future – and those claiming Maori heritage are given superior rights over everyone else.

Source: Unity or Division? | NZCPR Site

KW: Inexhorably I have had to watch New Zealand slip into an apartied trance with the Adern led government introducing policies that were not discussed as part of the agenda at last election and country wide we all now have representatives as members of councils the country over that were not elected but will be apointed and not have to undergo the screutiny of voters. Maori are also going to gain water rights and control over an essential asset we all use freely. Cut out are you and me, all the hardworkig recent migrants, Asians from everywhere. Is NZ becoming a divided country as Adern follows the mandates outlined by the United Nations? This article sums up the divisions detaild by the He Puapua report commissioned by the government

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