Elites Are Coming for Your Money Under Guise of Climate Change

KW: A money grab. New taxes to eliminate our savings and wealth under the guise of doubtful science and manipulated science. While climate change is a constant, there is no sound evidence it’s caused by C02 or that it can be prevented by reducing C02 emissions. If there is global warming (doubtful), it’s more likely caused by sun cycles and volcanoes.

Truth Lies Post

So, why are elites using bad science to propound bad proposals like carbon taxes and international treaties to limit carbon emissions? It’s because they’re using climate alarmism to pursue their real goals: world money, world taxation and ultimately world government. Climate change knows no boundaries, so it’s the perfect Trojan Horse for the elites’ plan. Beware, time is short. Investors have limited time to allocate a portion of their portfolios to hard assets that are non-digital and therefore harder for global elites to seize or tax.

Bottom line: elites are coming for your money under the banner of “climate change.”




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